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Hi, my name is Monique Joos and I'm a bullmastiff & French bulldog lover. We living in the neighberhood of Turnhout - Belgium. With this homepage I introduce you to my "Bullmastiffs" and French bulldogs. Although "to participate Dogshows" is an important element in my life it is not "the most important thing that I do., More important is that my dogs are a part of my family and "that's what makes the difference"!!!  I have my kennelname since 1981. In the past I bred a few litters of Old English Sheepdogs.



After a few visits to dogshows we fell in love with Best in Show of the Dogachtigen Show 1999, bullmastiff "Z-Dany-Boy vom Frankental". We heard this dog became father & we bought our first bullmastiff bitch "Angel". We were very pleased with her and soon "Baron" accomplished our family. Two years leater we imported from England from bullmastiff breeder and Judge Mrs. J. Jones, Frankental's Fame "Jewel" daughter of Multi Ch. Torneto vom Frankental. (Topdog 2001, 2002 in England en World Show Winner Dortmund 2003). Ch. Angel was engaged with Multi Ch. Xylan of the WoodBull Farm and Bubbles was born. We had a 1st pick out of the litter from a combination Frankental X Bunsoro and "Basil" came to live with us. Since in recent years our dogs collect a lot of championtitles. It's needless to say that we are extremly proud of this cracks. You can admire them on the championspage..

Our dogs are all house-pets, so all puppies are born and reared in the house as well. Mum and puppies are provided with the best of everything, as it is vital to their future well-being to get them off to as good a start in life as possible. All my dogs have a Certificate of Sozialisation approved by our Kennel Club K.M.S.H. The pups and their parents have all an DNA Profile Certificate Isag 2006. Females are only be bred at an minimum age of 23 months & males not earlier then 20 months (min.age their HD results are known) All puppies have a heart & lungs auscultation Certificate. Puppies sold overseas are treated with Stronghold.


Our dogs love "everything and everyone" and think "everyone loves them..."




If You are interested in having a puppy from us and feel that You can give an active and loving home to a new member of the family; feel free to contact me for more information or upcoming litters.  Thanks for visiting our website ! Enjoy surfing our pages !


Kind Regards


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